Thirty One Digital Offers a Helping Hand to Businesses

We now live in interesting times. From the moment COVID-19 hit our country, we have adopted new ways of living. This includes travel restrictions, extended quarantine, and drastic changes to how businesses operate. 

Many businesses are struggling to keep their companies afloat, scrambling to think of ways to stand out. Given the challenges businesses have to face in this pandemic, finding innovative digital solutions to solve the problem is a must. Creating positive and relevant ideas will increase response to products or services offered, helping businesses survive this crisis. 

In solidarity with businesses who face great challenges during this difficult time, Thirty One Digital Media Solutions Inc. is offering a helping hand to businesses and individuals that need it most through the #WeCanHelp campaign.

Thirty One Digital launched the #WeCanHelp campaign because we believe that in light of this pandemic, everyone needs help more than ever – brands, employees, and start-ups. 

It is divided into 4 sub-campaigns: 

  • We Can Help Brands 
  • We Can Help Employees 
  • We Can Help Startups 
  • We Can Help Spread Awareness


  1. We can help brands (#WeCanHelpBrands) – aims to support brands who struggle to transition in the digital market. Staying connected to customers, be it online or offline, is a must during this crisis. Through the services we offer, we hope to help you do just that. Thirty One Digital is offering free consultations and heavily discounted rates on its marketing, design, website development, app development, and other digital services.
  2. We can help employees (#WeCanHelpEmployees) – aims to be of help to the sector most affected by the pandemic – the workforce. As a company, we place great value on our employees. Through this, we hope to share with you the measures we’ve taken to keep them safe and healthy.
  3. We can help startups (#WeCanHelpStartups) – aims to lend a hand to small businesses like us who are struggling to thrive in this difficult situation. Our team of web developers, marketing strategists, researchers, writers, and graphic designers are ready to give you the manpower needed to achieve your business goals. As a company who places real value on its solutions, we can ensure you that our services and our partners can help your startup reach the right audience with the right message even during this challenging time.
  4. We can help spread awareness (#WeCanHelpSpreadAwareness) – aims to inform everyone on ways to keep healthy (physically and mentally) while COVID-19 still remains a great threat to the welfare of Filipinos. We do this because we believe that we have the responsibility to help our community, even in small ways like spreading awareness about safety measures.

By offering a lending hand, Thirty One Digital Media Solutions Inc., hopes to alleviate the stress and anxiety everyone faces. From a small business who is also struggling, our only aim is to help one another. 

To learn more, you may get in touch with us at or visit us on Facebook and Instagram.

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