Thirty One Digital: Finding the Best Digital Solutions

Thirty One Digital Media Solutions, Inc. has always been a solutions-first company. It has long centered on finding innovative digital business solutions that could help clients solve their digital problems. Its team of passionate and dedicated solution finders are composed of creators, builders, and gamers out to make a difference in the world through strategy, design, development, and digital advertising.

In order to craft digital solutions for business effectively, Thirty One Digital banked on research, creativity, and technology. This was done because the company believes that people will only respond to people. By combining the three, it was able to approach projects through the lens of human experiences, creating real value projects that move people and their clients. This holistic approach served as the competitive edge of the company.

Chief Executive Officer, Dwight Santos explains how the combination of research, creativity, and technology allows Thirty One Digital Media Solutions to find better ways to serve their clients and help them reach their goals.

Why must research, creativity, and technology go hand-in-hand to find a solution?

The first step in finding a solution is identifying the problem. We can’t give or suggest an integrated digital solution without knowing the root cause. It’ll be like taking a shot in the dark. This is why we always start our process by understanding what the client needs, what the business needs, and what the end-user needs.

Through research, we’re able to see the performance of a product or service and identify opportunities that our clients can use to improve their overall performance. For example, we can assess a client’s website and find out its effectiveness – the bounce rate, the duration users stay in the website, the SEO ranking, the user experience, etc. will be checked thoroughly by our team of researchers.

From there, we find creative ways to solve a problem. We brainstorm for ideas and strategize based on the data acquired and the overall objective of the client. Most importantly, we build experiences that are for humans. This is done because we believe that people only respond to ideas that they can relate to and they can benefit from.

Next, we use technology to implement ideas and strategies. It enables us to connect the brand with the right audience. Using the right technology for your business will be like using a megaphone. It’ll be able to amplify your message to the right audience and compel them to act. Simply put, research, creativity, and technology allow us to tap into human experiences, helping us find the best digital solutions for the client


How does Thirty One Digital do research?

We believe that we are not mere suppliers for our clients. We are their partner. As their partner, there is a need to understand our clients through research.

Research is integral to our process of developing, designing, and enhancing products, services, and technologies to serve our customers better. We conduct an online audit to find out what needs to be done. Here, we use different tools to see how the client’s social media accounts or website is performing.

We also look for opportunities that the client can use to improve their performance. By doing so, we can effectively strategize and develop plans needed to help our clients meet their goals.


How do we turn research into a creative output?

Research allows us to discover significant information that will help our clients reach their objectives. Based on the information gathered, we use our imagination and experiences to craft creative outputs that could make people feel a real connection with the product or service.

For example, we use what we know of customer behavior to tap what works best for e-commerce websites; we use social media data to create messages that better define brands, and we use data to make mobile apps more engaging. The most important aspect of turning research into a creative output will always be the people.

We always make sure that we touch on human experiences. People won’t engage in an output made for robots. By touching on human experiences, we make the products and services our clients offer come to life, enticing people to act.

How does technology help creativity?

Some people argue that technology hinders creativity as it is bound by logic rather than what creatives usually refer to as thinking outside of the box.

For us though, technology is more like a secret ingredient that gives power or amplifies our creativity. It enables us to implement our ideas and connect our creative outputs to the right channel. We use it to automate tedious processes such as data gathering, reports, and many more; we use technologies like Facebook Chatbot to give clients innovative and efficient ways to communicate with customers; and we also use it to help startups build their platforms scalably and with consideration for future expansion.

Much like our own children, we care not only for how our projects are brought into the world but also for their future. The technology ensures the growth of our projects, giving added value to the creative outputs we produce.

What specific technology does Thirty One Digital Media Solutions use to give its clients an edge?

Thirty One Digital Media Solutions is always working on new solutions to help clients achieve their goals. As a digital solutions company, we take pride in giving the most innovative digital solution for business through our services. In fact, we are listed in DesignRush as one of the top digital agencies. We offer services on research (social audit, social listening, usability testing); design (UI design, content creation, rich media, logo, branding); production (website development, app development, content management system, video production, chatbot development); and marketing (digital advertising, SEO, esports marketing, influencer marketing).

Backed by research, empowered by creativity, and equipped with the latest technology, our digital solutions give our clients the edge they need to win over their competitors and attract new customers.

To learn more about our services, you may get in touch with us at or visit us on Facebook and Instagram.


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