Thirty One Digital Makes Work From Home Work

Thirty One Digital always prioritizes the health and safety of our employees. For this very reason, we immediately implemented work from home arrangement last April 2020. We believe that this decision did not only keep our employees safe, but also helped protect those who are vulnerable in our community.

Being a solutions company that gives emphasis on digital work, the team was able to respond quickly to the situation and allow all the employees to work comfortably in the comfort of their homes. “The past few months have proven that we can make work from home work.” said Dwight Santos, our new Chief Executive Officer. “Our employees’ dedication to deliver quality work and our clients’ great feedback are essential testaments to that.” he added.

With that, we are happy to announce that Thirty One Digital will permanently transition to a work-from-home arrangement, even beyond the pandemic we face now. 

Thirty One Digital will also do our part to continue supporting and helping our employees, including:

> Providing our employees with the best work-from-home practices

We developed a work-from-home practice that will keep our employees productive and healthy. This includes constant communication and keeping them informed with their logging hours. We want to make them feel like nothing’s changed. We’re still a single call away when they need help. All that’s changed is they’re working from different locations from hereon. We understand that working-from-home will result in higher monthly fees. To help them, we will also be providing monthly internet allowance to cut the cost they pay for internet fees.

>Providing our employees with the necessary equipment to work-from-home

From the start of our work-from-home arrangement until now, we made sure that our employees have all the equipment they need to accomplish their tasks. This includes the delivery of laptops, computers, and software they’ll use. We also made sure to equip them with the proper knowledge on how to care for their work equipment.

>Setting-up online Town Hall meetings

Keeping our employees informed with company milestones is very important for us. Our Town Hall meetings will not only keep them updated, but also give us the opportunity to hear their suggestions and address any concerns. We have also set-up group channels where we can communicate their tasks or where we can simply have fun talking with each other.

We know that we will still encounter challenges as we navigate this new set-up, but we are confident that we can make it work. The safety of our employees and our community will continue to be our top priority as we face the unknowns of the coming months.

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